Supporting EBRD’s partner financial institutions and their operations in Uzbekistan

Complementing the Bank’s investment transactions in the country

The FIDP helps to strengthen institutional capacities of participating banks through the development of tailored lending activities to micro-, small and medium enterprises (“MSME”) in Uzbekistan and the implementation of sound banking principals, a comprehensive risk management framework and best practice corporate governance structures.

The MSME sector is considered the engine of economic growth in Uzbekistan. In 2019 the sector employed 76,2 % of the workforce and contributed to 56,5 % of GDP. In 2019, total credits to small business entites accounted for UZS 55,4 trillion. 

Areas of support

After an initial gap analysis of the participating bank, a tailored capacity building
programme is designed and implemented, covering some or all of
the support areas listed below:

34 191 747

Population of Uzbekistan as of July, 2020

15 242

Average GDP per capita in 2019 (UZS in thousands)


World Bank's Ease of Doing Business 2020 Rank out of 190 countries

21 %

Exports as a per cent of GDP in 2016


Training covers topics outlined in the different areas of support and includes:

Centralized training sessions, Workshops and Seminars

Participating financial institutions

60,4 %

Share of SMEs in GDP in 2018

56,5 %

Share of SMEs in GDP in 2019

76,3 %

SME share in employment in 2018

76,2 %

SME share in employment in 2019

Republic of Korea

This​ programme ​is ​supported ​by ​the ​Republic ​of ​Korea ​and ​the ​EBRD ​Small​ Business​ Impact ​Fund​
(Italy,​ Japan, ​Korea, ​Luxembourg,​ Sweden,​ Switzerland, ​Taipei ​China ​and ​the ​USA).