For leasing companies, FIDP offers the following services:

  • Strategic review – provision of a full market, strategic and operational analysis of the readiness for a company to enhance its MSME product offerings
  • Product Development and Underwriting – support in facilitating the transfer, adaptation and implementation of a market leading MSME focused leasing underwriting technology
  • Sales and Marketing – assistance in refining the overall sales and marketing strategy and support in developing, implementing and marketing products targeted at the chosen segments, including the training of these products
  • Operational readiness – review of all aspects of operational readiness, including IT, HR, reporting to ensure that international best practices are implemented
  • Human Resource Planning, Development and Training – provision of a model structure for a MSME/small ticket team, support in drafting function/job profiles and descriptions for this team’s members, support in identifying and recruiting internal or external candidates, conducting training of new members and other company